Orthodox Tour of Boston


Oct 29 2022


10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Orthodox Tour of Boston

While small, the Orthodox Church is alive here in Boston and Cambridge, and has been so for more than a century. That is more than 100 years of Orthodox Christians living, working, and praying in Boston, yet many of us do not know this history. At the Telos Center, we believe it is vital to understand the Orthodox Church here in Boston, and celebrate the “sacrifices and humble commitment” that has built the dozens of parishes in the greater Boston area. Participants will gather at the Center, but then walk/take public transit to go from church to church. At each church, we will hear a brief talk from a parishioner about that church’s history, and learn about the history of Orthodoxy in Boston.
Schedule for October 29: TBD
Fr Alexander Schmemann will guide our walk with the words from his article “To Love is to Remember”:
“To love is to remember. And to remember with love is truly to understand that which one loves and remembers, to appropriate it as God’s gift. Thus with Orthodoxy in America… Yet many are those who still affirm that the Orthodox have nothing to remember, nothing to love here except their numerous “abroads,” those for whom America, from an Orthodox point of view, remains a meaningless no man’s land. As if the Church here had no past, no common destiny forged by generations of faithful, who by their sacrifices and humble commitment have preserved our faith for us; as if God has not acted here, revealed His will, bestowed His gifts; as if all this did not constitute a spiritual reality which every Orthodox, whether he was born here or has come here and regardless of his background must humbly accept.” –  Fr Alexander Schmemann, “To Love is to Remember”, 1975, pg 1. The total article can be found here.


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