We want to invest in Orthodox young adults and their ideas and ministries! Our prayer is that the Telos Center and its resources enable young adults to dream big and realize how they might build up their own communities. As such, young adults can request to use our space. Furthermore, we also have a mini-grant program that can help fund any initiatives young adults dream up. Do you have your own idea for ministry? Use our resources!

Application for Mini-Grant and the Use of Telos Center Space

Below is the application to use the Center space. If you would like to request funds from the Center to run your initiative, please submit a detailed budget with the application. After you have filled it out, send it to us at teloscentercambridge@crossroadinstitute.org for review. If there are any questions, or if you simply wish to brainstorm your idea with us, you can also email us, or come by the Telos Center during our open hours. We are always willing to help with any and every step of the process.