Ongoing Ministries

Beyond events designed to provide fellowship, education, and spiritual enrichment for Orthodox young adults, the Telos Center also tries to use members’ talents and unique skills to give back to Boston and its Orthodox churches. Check out some of our ongoing ministries:

Telos Center Research Fellows

The Telos Center Research Fellows is a semester-long course led by an Orthodox faculty member in which students ask big questions about Orthodoxy today and its relation to the world around us, and produce research that might benefit the Orthodox Church.

Ministry Grants

One of the unique opportunities the Center offers is ministry grants. If a young adult has an idea for an event or activity they want to try, they are encouraged to apply for a ministry grant which, once approved, offers guidance, networking, and funding for any idea they might have

Wisdom Library

Many people from all around Boston have generously donated some fantastic books for the Wisdom Library – books on theology, scripture studies, sayings of the church fathers, and more. Click here to browse the collection.