Are you a young adult looking for an Orthodox Christian community here in Boston that spans multiple parishes and ethnicities? Do you have a burning desire to understand your vocation, and how it interacts with Christ’s call to love our neighbor? Do you like free coffee?

The Telos Center seeks to connect young adults with Christ and community as we navigate the relationship between faith and life in our world today, and it is the ideal place for anyone who would answer yes to any of those questions above.

The Center seeks to foster a joy-filled Orthodox Christian young adult community and aims to be a place where young adults can wrestle with their purpose in life, be it academically, professionally, and ultimately spiritually. How do we do this? Firstly, we provide a space where young adults can gather and fill it with some of our favorite things designed to help facilitate learning, conversations, and friendships. The Center always has a ready supply for free coffee, books on history and the Faith, and is open all hours of the work day for people do do remote work, read, and relax. Furthermore, we have events in the evenings and weekends. We learn about the Faith, serve our neighbors in Cambridge, or just have some open mic nights! Join us for any and all event to get immediately connected into the community.

We also want to help our attendees understand their vocation in a way that helps them serve their neighbor. Our community looks outward just as much as it does inward. The Center offers money, a physical space, education in the form of books and speakers, and a network of informed and able people to help realize the ministerial dreams and ideas of young adult Orthodox Christians to all those want to serve their communities. We partner with Orthodox parishes and help them put on any ministry ideas they might have. We hope that this Center will not only bring new youth and young adults to Cambridge, but will build up many parishes and ministries in the Boston area, acting as a unifying force for Orthodox Boston.

Join us, as we explore the relationship between Christ and the world around us!