Chant Classes 101


The Telos Center
14 Magazine Street Cambridge, MA 02139


Oct 24 2023


8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Chant Classes 101

All are welcome, especially those who have not sung in Church before! We are doing this so anyone and everyone might feel more comfortable singing and participating in church, or might even be able to put on a service even when there isn’t a church around!   Chant Class: Byzantine Chant 101 – Jamil Samara, January 17 @ 7 PM Jamil Samara, chanter at St Mary Orthodox Church  will teach the basics of Byzantine chant. Kievan Chant 101 – Dr Nicholas and Michelle Ganson, January 24 @ 7 PM Dr Nicholas and Michelle Ganson, conductors at Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church, will teach the basics of Kievan chant (and maybe a few other 4-part styles). Click here to RSVP


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