Iconography Series at the Telos Center


Oct 24 2023


8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Iconography Series at the Telos Center

We have three fantastic iconographers giving talks at the Telos Center! Check out who they are, their talks, and when they are speaking! October 1: @ 2 PM Kirollos Kilada Putting Images Back in Context: The Icon in the Liturgy Icons are great for your room to be used in devotional prayer, but in this talk Kirollos Kilada makes a strong case that they are also a liturgical text. What they say aids our understanding of the Divine Liturgy (and ultimately God) and consequently, the Liturgy provides the context in which we are to interpret the icons as well! Click here for the recording! November 4 @ 12 PM EST: Aidan Hart  The Icon in Prayer: How to Pray with Icons The second in our three part iconography speaker series, all are welcome to Aidan Hart’s talk ‘How to Pray with Icons’. An internationally acclaimed iconographer and scholar, Aidan Hart is known for taking even the most complicated topics and making them perfectly understandable. Kirollos Kilada in his first series talk about icons in the Liturgy, and now Aidan Hart will talk about their use in our personal lives and in the prayer room. Is praying with icons as simple as setting one in front of you while praying? Perhaps… or perhaps not. Come to the talk and find out! This talk is held entirely on Zoom! Click here to register! December 12 @ 7:30 EST: Fr Andrew Tregubov Discovering Icons: The Great Mystery of Icons A product of the iconographic styles of Russia, America, France, and England, Fr Andrew Tregubov has worked as a professional iconographer for over 50 years. He has written iconography for churches all over the United States, and has lectured at Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. come hear his talk on Tuesday, December 12, at 7 PM! All are welcome! For 2000 years, the Orthodox Church has been called to witness to the world the presence of the Risen Lord, calling people to enjoy the glorious feast of the Kingdom of God and Eternal Life. This call is made visible to us in an icon. But why? Why an icon? Father will go through the history of the icon, and talk about why the Orthodox Church uses this instrument to help witness the Lord. All are welcome, only on Zoom! Click here to register!


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